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Abiti da sposa Giulia Biffis


Abiti da sposa Giulia Biffis

Giulia Biffis WOMAN
An exclusive dress

Tailor-made for you

Giulia can make an exclusive dress for you, inspired in every way by you who are going to wear it. Her dresses are one-of-a-kind pieces that offer an ‘all-around ‘tailored’ experience. For Giulia, capturing the details of each woman’s intimate story, her fantasies, her desires is an essential element in achieving the personalization and exclusivity that makes each dress the perfect complement to this woman.

From sketches to the first proof

Once you have designed your custom dress, Giulia will prepare everything for the rehearsal. You will be able to discuss anything you wish about the dress. You can think about how to complete your outfit with ad hoc accessories and jewelry.

In complete collaboration with the designer

Take advantage of the unique experience of becoming an essential part of the creative process behind the dress you will wear. Starting with your ideas Giulia will ask you more about your expectations. By asking questions about what you are used to wearing to feel your best, your preferences regarding colors, fabrics, flowers, etc., she will discover your aesthetic and personality.