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Abiti da sposa Giulia Biffis


Abiti da sposa Giulia Biffis

THE WEDDING LAB, London Bridal Atelier
There is only one dress for a bride and her story!


I design wedding and formal dresses that are distinguished by being inspired in every way by the person who is going to wear them. For me it is essential to capture the details of each woman’s intimate story, her fantasies, her desires. This allows me to achieve the level of customization and exclusivity that makes each dress the perfect complement to this woman. For me, making a dress that is her complete expression for both her and the people who love her is the best way to take advantage of her happiness! My dresses are unique pieces that offer an all-around ‘tailored’ experience.


There is more to what I do than designing beautiful clothes. For me, there is nothing more rewarding than enhancing the authenticity of the women I work for. The preciousness of my clothes comes not only from the fine fabrics chosen, the care of the finishing touches and the Italian tailoring tradition. It stems mostly from the time I spend discovering my brides’ sense of themselves and translating it into fashion designs. I want them to enjoy the experience of becoming the essential ingredient in the creative process of their dress, instead of settling for a mass-produced one.


Whatever materials I choose to create my clothes, whether they are elegant natural fabrics, vintage details, handmade embellishments or unusual materials such as recyclable plastic packaging, however, the philosophy is always the same: to support sustainable fashion. Each of my dresses is handmade in Italy or England on a zero-mile basis, supporting the local manufacturing fabric, among artisans and small tailors. Time stretches out embellishing more and more the packaging of each dress where the present and history meet.

Giulia Biffis:
my story

Passionate about fashion from a very young age, I studied fashion in my hometown of Treviso, which has a very strong tradition in textiles (Moncler, Benetton to name just a few companies.). I then furthered my education in London, at the ‘Central Saint Martins’ art school.

My career path began soon after. The first experiences were with two London fashion houses. First I worked for the innovative designer Osman London. The brand specializes in contemporary style dresses, which are also loved by celebrities such as Emma Watson and Taylor Swift. Then I instead collaborated for a historic British glam brand Amanda Wakeley London. Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie and Michelle Obama are among the most famous clients .

After these experiences, I immediately began to devote myself to the wedding and ceremony industry with tailored dresses. I wanted to be able to give space for my creativity with fine materials and distinctive designs, not standardized according to current trends. When I design a dress, it’s like peeping into the world of art where everything is deeply personal, has a unique story that tends toward the best expression of an idea. I opened my first Bridal Atelier in London, and then Giulia Biffis Atelier Sposa Milano.