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Abiti da sposa Giulia Biffis


Abiti da sposa Giulia Biffis


Some fabulous dresses will be there for you to enjoy trying on. Pampered by the velvety lightness of their natural fabrics, you will explore your own patterns and style preferences! I’ll help you find the lines that feel best, the materials you’re most excited about, and those details you’re looking for that make all the difference.


I will ask more about you and your expectations for the event. I will ask simple questions, such as what you wear to feel your best, or what colors, flowers, and fabrics you love. As you browse through drawings and archival photos, I will take the opportunity to get to know you better.


I will then show you a selection of fine fabrics, delicate embroideries or unexpected details that match your ideal personality and style. Exploring your fantasies and aesthetic preferences will be essential. It will not only ignite the spark of creativity in me, but especially in you!

First appointment

Giulia Biffis’ dresses are custom made in creative collaboration with the designer. Make an appointment at Giulia Biffis’ atelier in Milan.

Whether you are the bride, a guest, or a bridesmaid, you can discuss with Giulia any ideas you have about your dress and the occasion in which you will wear it: wedding, engagement party, welcome party, or whatever.


The designer will transform the clothes on you to let you explore different style solutions. It will change the volumes of skirts. Will study the fit of bodices. It will play from the basic to the over the top with handmade decorations and whatnot.

Second appointment

At the second appointment you will try on the first version of your wedding dress. You will be able to evaluate his line and tweak its details until you find it splendid, but most of all you will not feel that it is really him! This tailor-made all-around experience will offer you authentic exclusivity and the luxury of being the true protagonist of an exciting creative journey every step of the way.

An example

Below is an example of how the same dress with a contemporary clean silouhette was reinterpreted in two different ways at the rehearsal stage. The neckline and neckline at the back can be adorned either with an exquisite jeweled decoration of pearls and crystals, for a glamour that evokes the legendary Hollywood of yesteryear, or with delicate floral details with an ethereal and purely romantic effect.

Third appointment

At the final fitting you can still put the finishing touches on your dress and decide what accessories to match, from the veil to the jewelry, to those hairstyle or bouquet details that will make you perfect. Shoes can also be customized to match the dress. Our mission is to follow you through everything down to the smallest detail-you will be thrilled!

wedding dress giulia biffis

Having chosen the timeless elegance of pinks, here is our bride in her impeccably finished gown. Fossil ivory earrings with floral decoration and an intangible cathedral veil. Also adorned with soft roses, they complete the overall romantic effect.

Best man and bridesmaid are also dressed by Julia. Silk satin and delicate powder pink velvet best enhance the bride in white.