This sharply tailored wedding gown mixes architectural accents with an ethereal feel and draws inspiration from the waves of the sea.

We were delighted to create this wedding gown for beautiful Keli. She wanted a dress that was full of emotion yet simple.

A column silhouette in satin silk is draped on the bodice by impalpable chiffon let loose on the back. This wave-like train, in floating silk, gives an unexpected twist to the clean shape of the dress.

Our necklace in fossil ivory with spheres of multiple dimensions completed the look like bubbles from the sea foam.

Keli celebrated her wedding day in a crispy winter day. A graphic line jacket kept her warm, while she rocked both banks of the river Thames. 

我的梦想是一件高端大气,剪裁完美,却又时尚的礼服。Giulia有着对时尚敏锐的嗅觉,还有对经典的完美演绎,她设计出了比我想象还惊艳的礼服! Keli