Giulia Biffis Atelier London

There is only one dress, for one bride and one story!

A bespoke, unique, fairy-tale like experience

Giulia Biffis is an Italian fashion designer. Her attention to customisation and exclusivity are particularly well suited to bridal couture, but Giulia designs for other ceremonies and events as well, upon request. " Each gown I create is made from start to finish to express my client’s personality and imagination. My goal is to create an ultimate chic masterpiece that will embody the personality of the woman who will wear it. Beauty always takes place in the particular, hence my designs are tailor-made to every woman’s wish and intimate story, to create a bespoke, unique and fairy-tale like experience." 


She says: “What I do is something more than designing the perfect outfit. For me, there is nothing more rewarding than respecting the authenticity of the women I am working for. The effortless luxury that my gowns show comes from the time I take in discovering my brides’ sense of self and translating this into designs. I want them to enjoy the empowering experience of becoming the essential ingredient in the creative process behind their gown's design, instead of settling for a mass-produced one."

Tradition and Quality

Using precious natural fabrics or unusual materials such as packaging plastic, Giulia combines infinite creativity with the best tailoring tradition. Each of her dresses is handmade in Italy and textiles are sourced from the most established European textile manufacturers, who have a eco-sustainable production and a high quality heritage to protect. From playful cocktail dresses to stunning evening and bridal gowns, they are all an exclusive one-off, without compromise on features, details or finishing. Double Click to Edit


ELLE SPOSE ITALIA September 2020

Giulia Biffis: Our Story

Passionate about fashion from an early age, I studied fashion in my hometown, Treviso, which has a very strong tradition in the textile sector (Moncler, Benetton to name just a few companies.). I then studied in London, at the 'Central Saint Martins' art school.

My professional path started immediately after. The first experiences were with two London fashion houses. Initially, I worked for the innovative designer Osman London. The brand specializes in contemporary style dresses, which are also loved by celebrities such as Emma Watson and Taylor Swift. Then, I worked for the British heritage brand Amanda Wakeley London. Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie and Michelle Obama are among the most famous clients.

After these experiences, I opened my first Bridal Atelier in London, and then Giulia Biffis Atelier Milano. I devoted myself to the wedding and ceremony sector , as I wanted to be able to give space to my creativity with precious materials and the best sartorial techniques. When I design a dress it's like peeping into the world of art! There everything is deeply personal. It tends to the best expression of an idea, to a unique story. 

Our clients say about us

“From conception to completion, Giulia was incredibly professional and inspirational. She helped me to clarify how I wanted my wedding dress to look and feel, she sourced all the high-quality materials, and she worked seamlessly (forgive the pun!) with the dressmaker to create my perfect wedding dress”.


"Designing my wedding dress was more than making a dream gown. Giulia’s craftsmanship carries certain values with it and turned the making of my bridal dress into a patient ritual." Dimitra

"Giulia comprend tout de suite nos désirs et ce qui convient à chacune. Elle nous accompagne tout au long de la conception et même la plus grande simplicité devient sublime entre ses mains !"

"Giulia è riuscita a realizzare il sogno di poter indossare un abito da sposa in pura seta, disegnato e pensato ad hoc per le mie forme. Ha ideato un abito unico, interpretando e comprendendo al pieno le mie esigenze, operando scelte stilistiche che io non avrei mai potuto immaginare."